On a recent post I placed a Link to my new site at Word-press .Org. Unfortunately I have managed to mess up the Tech Side of this new Blog so Badly that I have had to Uninstall it and start over. This means that it will take me a couple of Weeks before I get back to where I was before!!!! Then I have a lot of interesting new Content to Publish.

I apologise to anyone wanting to get some Solid advice as regards Moving to Thailand and having a Relationship with a Thai Woman!! I honestly believe Thailand is a very Dangerous place for Naïve or Stupid Men. The more Good Advice you can get the Safer you will be!!

I will try to get up and running as soon as possible, the problem for me has been that Word-Press. Org definitely is built for Bloggers who are a little “Tech Savvy” I am afraid that this description does not fit Yours Truly!!!